PayPal / Venmo CSV Instructions

How to download a PayPal CSV File:

Log into PayPal on laptop/PC
Click “Activity” at the top
Click the download icon to the right of the search bar
Switch from Tax Documents to ALL TRANSACTIONS
Click “Request Custom Statement”
Transaction type = Balance Affecting /// Date Range = Select your Range /// Format = CSV
Click Create Report
You’ll receive an email when it is ready to download. Usually within a few minutes. Email to me.

How to download a Venmo CSV File:

Log into Venmo on laptop/PC
Click “Statements” on left menu
Change start date and end dates to your desired dates [NOTE: 90-day limit on this. So if you want a full year of transactions, you must download one Quarter at a time]
Wait for transactions to load at bottom of page
Click “Download CSV” & email this to me