Monthly Bookkeeping Services

This page is dedicated to providing a resource to help clients understand the benefits of their retainer / monthly bookkeeping program:

Here is what you can expect from your monthly subscription:

  • Crystal Clear Bookkeeping (monthly delivery)
  • Priority email & text support
  • Special rates during tax season (Scholarship clients)
  • Access to extended hours during tax season
  • Ongoing tax-advisory services (estimates and deadlines)
  • First consideration for new services (e.g. Data visualization)
  • Compliance checks and notification (State and Federal, when available)

Please note that Live Calls are not included in the subscription, and are billed at your hourly or scholarship rate.

Depending on your subscription, you may notice small uncharges for the following optional services:

  • Contract Labor worksheets (preliminary 1099 details)
  • Zapier Connectivity (maintaining connections to PayPal, Venmo Business, and CashApp)
  • Real Estate Rentals (Schedule E detail)
  • CSV File Integration

As always, please reach out if you have any questions!