How to File Articles of Organization in Wyoming

Articles of Organization

Before using this guide, you should already have an EIN issued to you by the IRS. If you don’t have one yet, see this guide on that process.

Filing an LLC in Wyoming will take around 15 minutes and cost $100

Besides having a business-friendly environment, Wyoming is a favorite among small-business owners for incorporation because they do not require an annual state income tax filing.

This may be a particularly good option for multi-owner LLCs who will need to file 1065 forms, considering TaxACT charges $35 for the state return each year. If your home state charges significantly for the initial filing and the annual reports, Wyoming might be the next-best option. You can see the cost of each state’s initial fees and annual fees here.

You can visit this page to file the Articles of Organization online.

Or you can print out this PDF and mail it in.

If filing online, follow these steps:

Select “Perpetual” for the business duration. Enter your agent information (owner) on Step 3.

If you do not have another method for having a Wyoming address (e.g. friends or family in the state), you can pay this company $25 per year to be your “Registered Agent” and utilize their Wyoming address.

For the principal and mailing addresses on Step 4 of the online form, you may enter an address from any state.

On Step 5 (Organizers) this is where you will enter the owner(s) information.

For 99% of filers, Step 6 will be left blank.

From here, you will confirm, sign, and pay $100 for your initial filing fee.

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